Academic Studies

Undergraduate Studies/ Programs

Requirements ▲Piano ▲Woodwinds & Brass
Applied Instrument Chamber Music Chamber Music
(Private Lessons) Keyboard Harmony Wind Ensemble
Instrumentation Piano Accompanying Wind Literature
HarmonyⅠ,Ⅱ Piano Literature Jazz Music
Counterpoint   Theory and Performance Practice of Jazz Music
Musical Structure and Form    
History of Western MusicⅠ,Ⅱ ▲Voice ▲Percussion
Twentieth Century Music Phonetics Wind Ensemble
History of Chinese Music Chamber Choir Chamber Music
Rudimental Training in Music Art Songs Jazz Music
Ensemble or Choir Stage Workshop Theory and Performance Practice of Jazz Music
Orchestral Conducting Choral Literature  
Choral Conducting   ▲Composition
Analysis of Music ▲Strings Orchestration
Sacred Music Chamber Music Electronic Music
  String Ensemble Keyboard Harmony
  String Literature ▲Applied Music
  ▲Guitar Orchestration
  Chamber Music Jazz Music
  Chamber Choir Music Aesthetics
  String Literature Electronic Music
    Music Therapy


Minor Performing Technigne Introduction to Western Music Orchestral Literature
French Stage Workshop Jazz Music Chamber Literature
German Art Songs Score Reading Choral Literature
Italian Music Therapy Keyboard Harmony String Literature
Phonetics Piano Accompanying Chamber Choir Piano Literature
Chamber Music The Aesthetics of Music Piano Pedagogy Wind Literature
Orchestration  Electronic Music Wind Ensemble String Ensemble
Ensemble for Guitars and Recorders Introduction to Traditional Music
Theory and Performance Practice of Jazz Music Aspects of Orchestra Interpretation
Introduction to Traditional Music The Fundamentals and Extensive Usages of Finale Computer Notation Software

Graduate Studies/Programs

▲Performance、Conducting、 Composition
Applied Instrument (Private Lessons)
Music Bibliography
Lecture Recital
Degree Recital
Ensemble/ Choir
Introduction to Musicology
* Electives
History of Medieval Music
Performing Technigne
History of Renaissance Music
Theory and Method in Field Work
History of Baroque Music
The History of Musical Notation
History of Classical Music
Sacred Music
History of Romantic Music
History of Twentieth Music
Guitar Literature
Art Songs
Chamber Music Literature
Stage Workshop
Choral Literature
Piano Performance Seminar
Orchestral Literature
The Study of Cello Performance
String Literature
Score Reading
Piano Literature
Orchestral Conducting
Piano accompanying
Choral Conducting
Piano Pedagogy
Wind Ensemble
String Pedagogy
Directed Independent Study
Vocal Pedagogy
Practicum in Vocal Techniques
Music Analysis
Qualitative Research
Research in 20th Century
Aspects of Music Interpretation
Schenkerian Analysis
Aspects of Concerto Repertoire
Introduction to Musicology
The Study of Music Teaching Materials
Music Aesthetics
Philosophy of Music Education
French Phonetics
Orchestra Pedagogy
Traditional Music Pedagogy
Piano Music of the 20th-Century
Aspects of String Repetoire
Aspects of Orchestra Interpretation
The Study of Gregorian Chant

The Fundamentals and Extensive Usages of Finale Computer Notaion Software